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Born, raised and living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Romel has been inspired by a melting pot of culture from his home. A nation consisting of 122 plus nationalities has no shortage of places to look for creativity. Yet, there has always been one defining subject that has mentally stimulated Ahmed which is present in his music today, and that is, the concept of melody. From a young age he could be heard humming tunes and listening to everything in his grasp; and from his youth onward, Ahmed has been fascinated with music, not just as an avid listener, but as an analyst, reconstructing tracks and always thinking of how to modify and create music. He always longed to find his ideal genre of music, something intricate and focused in on melody and rhythm, without vocals, emotionally driven, and that would soon be trance music for him. Now a seasoned producer, Ahmed had various releases on the famed Blue Soho Recordings from 2011 to 2013, which served as a stepping stone in his new career as a trance producer. With many releases hitting the Beatport top 100 trance charts, he began to properly rip into the trance scene. The self-taught, self-made act caught mega traction when his personally beloved production “Victory” was debuted on A State of Trance radio in 2013. This track was also included in the ASOT Best of 2013 Compilation which aided in setting him among the higher ranks. As 2014 rolled around, Romel got his bigger break in the trance scene when his epic track “Yarden” claimed a spot in Aly & Fila’s “Wonder of the Year 2014” top 30 countdown, hitting the number 23 spot. More so, the track hit the number 8 spot on the Beatport Top 100 Trance charts. It garnered heavy support from Aly & Fila who used the track in various sets and thus established Ahmed Romel as a household name for the trance aficionado. The following years were even bigger, a monumental 2015 brought about the birth of Paradisum, another track that made it into the FSOE Radio’s “Wonder of the Year” top 30 countdown, this time on the number 18 spot and a record-breaking number 4 spot for Romel on the Beatport trance charts. In 2016 Ahmed collaborated with Aly & Fila for the FSOE 450 anthem entitled “Kingdoms”. The anthem was played across the airways, with support from Paul Van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and tons more. It even hit a grand number 5 spot on ASOT’s “Top 25 Tunes of 2016” as well as the number 4 spot on the “Wonder of the Year 2016” countdown. From then on, it was a matter of a sequence of successful releases for him; in 2017, the grand uplifting record “City of Life” was released again on Grotesque, a track which was a RAM favorite and gained a remix from him. Then, the birth of Dust and Echoes on the FSOE label which was a huge success for Romel with an immense gain of the number 3 spot on the Beatport top 100 trance charts, breaking all previous peak records. On top of successful productions including a collaboration with Phillipe El Sisi titled “Till We Meet Again” and a remix for Aly & Fila’s “Rebirth”, the producer and DJ has hit the international festival circuit. He’s graced the world’s stages at Tomorrowland, various FSOE stops around the globe and Luminosity Beach Festival, just to name a few. He’s been voted into the Trancepodium top 100, gaining the #31 spot and the demand and praise keeps growing. In present day the maestro conducts his radio show, “Orchestrance” which airs each month on his Soundcloud and Youtube; it is a radio show which blends Romel’s love of melodies, the classical aspects of trance, the finest trance and a chance for the newcomers to be showcased. Ahmed aims to always bring new instruments and intricate melodies into his work as well as helping to usher in a new era of artists as time progresses.

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