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Aggressive, Psychedelic, eclectic, vitamin infused sounds for antisocialities | Artificially Automated, our second album is OUT NOW! iTunes - Google Play - Spotify - Amazon - "Start to finish, Equilibrium is a definite necessity for anyone with an appreciation for any realm of music. Viewing the whole hour of music as one piece of art, this album is definitely one of the best of the year. With all the variation that is present throughout, I’m excited to see how this is presented in a live format; stay tuned because it is inevitable! From the tempo control, to the instrument structure, to the progression of elements, Aiur is not simply comprised of producers on the rise, but rockstars in the making." — Peanut Butter and Jams Equilibrium streaming now here: “We have been following Aiur since we stumbled upon their debut tracks a while back. They are an up and coming group straight out of New York that can size up to the hottest names in EDM. Their tracks are loud, catchy, and are more intense than a lot of music being produced out there. “ -HouseMusicorDie "One of the most exciting new tracks I've heard in a while, "Encore" is a thunderous Electro House anthem, but that's really as far as I can describe it. With immense, entrancing energetic rifts, these two will mesmerize you with their ability to bring the festival experience to your living room. " - EDM Lounge " MAN are they awesome! Euphoria has a whole slew of incredible facets, the band’s influences, from around the music spectrum, peek through at varying intervals throughout the adventurous two minutes. Not only is the composition spot on and dance-inducing, but their structure is ideal as well. At a mere two minutes, this is easily one of the shorter tracks we’ve ever featured , but you don’t feel let down when it ends, you’ll just want to play it again! " -PnutButterJams "You’re guaranteed to be jumping till your legs fall off, or the song ends, whatever comes first. If I didn’t know any better I would say Aiur have been around for years." - I Love House Music AS FEATURED ON: VSAUCE HYPE MACHINE PB&Jams Game Sprout EDM CHARTS Buzzfeed (Editor's Choice) EDM Lounge ELECTROKILL I Love House Music MySpace (Artist Spotlight) Bro Bible Techibeats SMASH PIPE House Music or Die Freio Music Grooveshark Next In Show Reddit H.E.R.O Tecmundo Boing Boing BiDiPi Electro Blog Living Electro Doctor House Music Think Muzik Chris Archie & THE REST OF THE INTERNET

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