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In 2003, Alex Tribe fell in love with Techno and Hardtechno music. He visited nearly every Party where big acts like Boriqua Tribez, Marco Bailey, Cave, Chrstian Varela, Ladida or Stanny Franssen played their music. In the year 2005 to 2006, Techno sound started to change to a slower, less percussive and less groovier style. Because he wasn't really interessted in this newer styles, Alex Tribe stopped listening to Techno step by step. But in the year 2010, he found out, that there are still many artists which produce and play faster, funkier and tribalish Techno like many years before, like David Moleon, Raul Mezcolanza, Wyrus and many other. Inspired by these artists, he began producing too. First he started with Cubase and then changed to Ableton Live.

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