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Born in Siegen, Germany, Andreas Florin became enamoured with electronic music from the age of 15, thanks to exposure to Cherrymoon (Bonzai Records) and Klaus Jankuhn and Westbam's Members of Mayday project. After years of partying in clubs like The Omen and Aufschwung Ost, Florin picked up DJing and in 2002 made the move to production as well. Rapidly developing his own innovative style ‐ a heady mix of all variants of techno fused together ‐ Florin then took the critical step of management (from 2008 on) of the cutting edge labels Electronic‐Pulse and We Call It Hard Records. Florin has had superb personal releases through labels like Planet Rhythm UK, Home Recordings, Elektrax, Foot Fetish, Gynoid Audio, Definition, We Call It Hard, The Zone, Electronic‐Pulse, Subsequent Take More Music and Kamikatze. He has also performed at major venues Tresor, Berlin U60311, Frankfurt Cembrankeller, Linz Nachtresidenz, Passau Mbia, Berlin Gotec, Karlsruhe Ruhr in Love, Oberhausen Alte Weberei, Nordhausen Subcultur, Koblenz Memory, Oberwesel Painthouse and Dortmund. ----------------------------- Labels: Missisle Records,Proper,Planet Rhytm UK,Home Recordings,We call it HardRecords,TheZone,Elektraxx,Definition RecordsElectronic-Pulse Records,Subsequent Records,Gynoid Audio,Elektraxx,Foot Fetish,Take More Music,Kamikatze Records .... --------------------------- AndreasFlorin played at: Tresor, Berlin U60311, Frankfurt Cembrankeller,Linz Nachtresidenz,Passau Mbia,Berlin Gotec,Karlsruhe Ruhr in Love, Oberhausen Alte Weberei, Nordhausen Subcultur, Koblenz Memory, Oberwesel Painthouse, Dortmund Frisky, Karlsruhe Nova Club, Bonn ---------------------------

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