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IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON USING ANY OF MY ORIGINAL WORK PLEASE READ!! I am happy if you enjoy my music enough to want to use it for: Any form of Youtube Website development Game development Music Promotion or anything else like that, please give me appropriate credit. If you wish to upload my music to anything, please place this or something like this in the description of the upload: [Song Name]- Awes0meEman and have my soundcloud link somewhere around there. If you wish to use this in a game or website please contact me at my email that I have listed below. Thank you! FL Studio user Contact about anything you happen to want to ask me about: For all you nosy people out there who want my life story: I started into music about 8 years ago, when I started playing the piano. I was about 8 or 9 at the time. I then got into guitar, bass guitar, and drums. I played in a church band for a long time, but then I starting listening to dubstep around 2011. I really fell in love with the genre, but I began to listen to all kinds of EDM. Now, the 13 year old me had no knowledge about DAWs or anything of the like at the time. So I was very curious about how people made this amazing bass music. I found a website called clubcreate that was basically something you could arrange EDM samples on, and I loved it. It sucked, but it was my first "DAW" experience. I then found FL studio online and decided to get the demo. Now, a 14 year old kid isn't going to have any idea how to operate something as complex as FL, so I didn't get very far by myself. Youtube was a great help to me with this however. I soon learned how to do many things, but I didn't have that much knowledge still. Then I found the bearded bass god himself. SeamlessR. His youtube production videos have since changed my whole production outlook, and I've gotten a LOT better. And now I am where I am. Make sure to like me on Facebook and Twitter! If I get more content to release I may have some special things for followers on Facebook and Twitter. Currently my music making project is on hold. With senior year upon me and other projects coming in my music is not a big thing right now. The only things I will be uploading is anything I make for a game I might be working on producing.

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