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Our Restart in the making: Hello everybody! We are two guys from the Netherlands, trying to make our way into the music industry. We produce EDM and pop music. Every spare second gets invested in making music, promoting ourselves and learning new tricks to get our tracks to the next level! We both started playing the piano when we were six, and throughout the years we started writing lyrics and producing electronic music with FL Studio. After having a blast with FL, we decided to walk a new path: pop. We bought Logic Pro X and the rest is history :) Be sure to follow us if you want to see our newest tracks as soon as we upload them :) If you need help, feel free to message us! We'll try our hardest to help you! We were all like you once, we all started from scratch. Thanks to the help we got, we are where we are today. So it’s only fair to return the favour :) We live for the music and we appreciate your criticism, so bring it on! :-) ———— For business contact, send us a PM :) Cheers! ———— If you are interested in collaborating, feel free to send us a message! We love to broaden our horizon! ;-) Check back for more updates soon! :) ͼͽͼͽͼͽͼͽ SoundCloud Banner:

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