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Music Producer - Music Production Audio Production. Hip-Hop\Pop production: CVPELLV is an Electronic Dance Music DJ, musician and record producer with 15 years of history in music making, a collector of vintage synthesizers and a creator of cosmic sounds and futuristic tunes. Capella grew up in Tomsk (Russia). He began his career as a DJ at the age of 14 and his DJ sets had always featured an abundance of excellent music quality. In the year 2000 he started producing his own music for the dance shows of his breakdancing team and started playing vinyl. Around the same time Capella begins producing hip-hop music and eventually becomes a known figure amoung the eminent Russian hip-hop artists. Since then he has released more than 300 digital downloads on various labels both in Russia and internationally. RELEASES: CVPELLV - BVDMVN Download: Capella - «2012: A Space Odyssey» Download: «2012: A Space Odyssey» is a brand-new unreleased album by Capella, one of Russia’s most versatile and fascinating producers. Most of the tracks on this conceptual album have been produced using Soviet analog synths. - Free Crates

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