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I have three soundclouds so far this one but also cjberryguitarist and cjberryguitarist3 Playing the guitar since the age of 15, CJ Berry has progressed through the many years always advancing both his technique and his stylistic ability on his chosen instrument. The guitar is his first instrument and he can play virtually ANY style or idiom on it. Jazz, Funk, Rock, RnB, Classical, Folk, Blues and Pop etc. He can and does sight-read on the guitar. CJ has recorded on at least five released albums using both acoustic and electric guitars.He plays a steel string Lowden O22 acoustic/electric guitar for folk pop and soft rock styles, a Fender standard Stratocaster for blues, rock and pop styles, a DeArmond, X-155 guitar for jazz styles and an Ibanez JEM7 for rock and fusion styles.

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