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In a society where the average listener of music has become accustom to soulless bodies of work, derogatory euphemisms, and catchy metaphors containing no substance, Cameron-Miles has adopted the principles, work ethic, mindset and spirit of some of yesteryear’s greatest artist, while striving to develop a well respected name and sound all his own. Born Cameron Miles Allen in Inglewood, CA to a family of intelligent and strong women, whose eclectic taste in music include the likes of, but not limited to; George Duke, GUY, Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael McDonald, Barry White, Luther Vandorss, Kenny Loggins, New Edition, Anita Baker, The Isley Brothers, Al Green, and a host of other inspiring artist alike, a young Cameron quickly became no stranger to “feel good” music and its capability of inducing ones imagination. “I’ve always had this unexplainable love for music. I can’t listen to anything without beating on a table, tapping my feet, or playing “air piano” [as corny as it may sound]. It’s just something about the possibilities of how well structured sounds and words have the ability to completely alter your mood.” As a self-taught musician by way of drums and piano, Cameron-Miles has began to hone his skills of being a proficient and ingenious composer, songwriter and arranger by having the privilege of being introduced to, and later ensuing mentorship under the multi-talented producer/songwriter Greg “R.A.P. 1220” Robinson, alongside the graceful pen that is Shantelle “LadyBug” Brumfield. Currently, Cameron-Miles is expectant to release his highly anticipated EP entitled “PSYCH-Therapy” due early 3rd quarter of 2013, as well as continuing to collaborate with several highly decorated artist, composers, producers and songwriters.

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