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C-Stud Vill grew up on the Eastside of San Antonio Texas. At the age of 5years old he was listening to Hip Hop singing favorite lyrics to songs by various artists Sugar Hill and the Gang, Kurtis Blow ,Grandmaster Flash , Fat Boys, Run DMC, NWA and Ghetto Boys. By the age of 7, C-Stud Vill started writing lyrics of his own, 1st song written by himself "Street Gangster Rap". At the age of 7 C-Stud started hanging out with the older neighborhood kids, which lead to him joining the neighborhood gang at the age of 12. By making the decision to join a gang, lead to trouble for C-Stud. C-Stud spent 1 year in the Texas Youth Commission, which had a huge impact on his life. Once released from TYC, C-Stud returned to Highlands High School where he finished completing his high school education and graduating that following summer. C-Stud furthered his education with a 2year scholarship to Tabor Junior college in Kansas City, Mo. After completing Freshman year C-Stud sustained a devastating injury to his ankle which meant the end of his 2year scholarship and a bus trip back home to San Antonio. Once returning to his hometown, C-Stud soon found himself in trouble to the sum of 4 1/2 years in State Penitentiary. C-Stud was released from prison with $200 in his pocket and dream of starting his own music career. C-Stud was introduced to a producer by the name of "Papa C" who took a chance and made a demo to the 4 song EP "PAYBACK" . Due to his lack of knowledge of the music business C-Stud was left with a un-licensed and un-copy written demo cassette master to the to the EP and lost contact with Papa C. After searching for 3 years Papa C was found and released full masters to the 4 song Ep. Soon after the EP was license, copy written and in 1994 Mystic Records released the 4 song Ep of "Trick-uh-Treat" radio and street version, "Payback" and "1 to 10". The hit single "Trick-uh-Treat" EXPLODED producing sales of over 30,000 copies alone. This success gained the attention of a Independent music label Mystic Records. Again due to un experience of the music business, C-Stud signed a 2 year contract with Mystic without a legal review of the contract which entailed the release of all his music rights to Mystic records. Due to financial strain within the record label C-Stud was released out of his contract and given back all his music rights. Once released from Mystic Records, C-Stud Vill went on to release 8 solo albums and 2 mix tapes featuring local and Platinum artists under his own label VILLIAN RECORD'Z. Villian Record'z is actively recording/producing new albums and singles in hopes of landing a major record /distribution deal. All albums can be found in all digital online stores.

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