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My father, George Willis "Bill" Kellington, sang in the Portland Metropolitan opera as a young adult. He used to sing, Danny Boy to me when I was a wee tad. My mother sang on the radio starting at about 4 years of age. I remember enjoying singing with my mother while we did the dinner dishes. I have always loved music and my main influences were the popular songsters of the 50s and 60s. I started playing the guitar at around age 20. I should have had lessons. My wife, Sharon, taught me basic chords and I learned some more after that. I've been writing my own songs since 2003 and I am thoroughly enjoying the process. I still have my day job practicing law, but if time would permit I would be making music all the time. * * * My favorite music site is Soundcloud because it enables comments and reposting and the ability to hear innovative, magnificent and magical, productions of brilliant independent musicians from around the globe. * * * I have a home studio with a couple of Yamaha guitars, and a Yamaha MX49 keyboard. I use AKG mics and Sonar software. I like to get a lyrics idea, select guitar chords, then prepare lead sheets. As I play and sing the tentative song, improvements in the rhythm, lyrics and melody almost suggest themselves. * * * For me, a song is a project. It can nearly always be improved with the passage of some time and replaying and singing. With a melody in my head, I practice singing the song. Adjustments to clarify the meanings of lyrics also suggest adjustments in the rhythm and the melody. When I have an acceptable guitar and vocal track recorded, I can then add bass, percussion and other instrument tracks. Finally, I can add backup vocals or whistling, or both. I have about a dozen songs in process at any given time. I will let the songs in progress settle in for a few days or weeks or months. If I seem to be stuck on a particular song I will leave it for a while and get back to singing it. Fresh ideas or approach come easier then and usually I get unstuck. * * * I find I have to be careful that I not over correct. Sometimes I'll find that a betterment wasn't really a betterment over time and I'll go back and resurrect the older lyric that then seems superior. * * * My dream is to produce songs that have the power to move the emotions. I find my songs are better if in the process I am moved to tears myself and unless I am moved by the sentiment of a song I don't consider it finished or acceptable. I have to really feel what I am writing/singing. I hope you like my music and I would be delighted if it moved you five degrees. ;-)

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