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1/2 of Original Fools 1/4 of Himself ---------------------------------- PLEASE REFER TO THE PREVIOUS LINK TO GET ALL INFOS, NEWS, CONTACT, PICS, VIDEOS & MORE - - - OR NOT ! ----------------------------------- Check the animated music video for Sick & Tired by Original Fools --- Sick & Tired ----------------------------------- Check the animated music video for Five! by Original Fools --- Five! ----------------------------------- Check the animated music video for God of Roar by Original Fools --- God of Roar ! ----------------------------------- Check the music video for Shadow of your Doubt by Original Fools --- Shadow of your Doubt ! ----------------------------------- Check the introducing music video for Schizocèle --- Schizo ! ----------------------------------- DEBILITOGRAPHY OF DIDJELIRIUM A word. A word is like a turtledove : if it could carry a coconut, it would travel much slower but it would help to feed an hungry kid. Didjelirium. Didjelirium is the same, but a little bit totally different. Born on a day that looked dangerously like a night, he crawled his way through life using a pen and a pencil as crutches. Incidentally, he always leave behind him a written permanent trace of his unbearable presence, that last long after he's gone to trouble other lost souls. Didjelirium is sick. He suffers from this genetic and un-curable cellular malfunction called 'Humanitis'. Because of that, he ended up selling his ideas and his orifices to some shady business-man who ripped and raped both. Thrown away from society with a simple canon shot, he emerged from his inner artificial chaos with a brand new life purpose : to become the very first meaningless semaphore. Thus, he set his mind on a never-ending journey full of adventures and ugly NPC's, telling whoever would be fool enough to ask him about his stories and the things he saw and the lives he didn't save - though he could have - when he was hired as a philosopher on Planet 69, second main star of the Aphrodite solar system. Now lost in frustration, he's the new Scarlet O'Harakiri of a world doubtful of the necessity of his mere existence. As it is a holy custom amongst other 'humanitis' victims, here are a few samples of what some unknown celebrities once said about Didjelirium : "Thou thy face remind the earth of a blood stain The end is nigh and seize thee when none remain" ~ William Shakespeare "Didjelirium est le fruit majestueux né de l'union improbable entre La Fontaine et une anémone de mer." ~ Montesquieu "Me sabe a cuento que ha nacido Didjelirium, lo juzgo tan eterna come el mar y el viento" ~ Jorge Luis Borges "Ich habe einfach und vertrauensvoll hasse ihn." ~ Arthur Schopenhauer "秋天的果实从未远离树,在破碎的根源,而老虎在玩纸剪刀石头墙的前面耸立着。" ~ Lao-Tzu "If it wasn't for Didjelirium, Tom Sawyer would have been widely known as Tom Sawlastyer. He's the one who told me 'Think different, think forward, ignore the impossible !' And so i did." ~ Mark Twain "Непосредственность и одновременно последний шаг на пути к обретению Вселенской мудрости. Пронзающая насквозь лирика задыхающегося в мэйнстримовом мареве мегаполиса." ~ Boris Yeltsin "Didjelirium n'est pas un de ceux qui se pâment, Non ! Il n'est pas un feu qu'on renferme en une âme : Tout le trahit, la voix, le silence, les adieux ; Et les feux mal couverts n'en éclatent que mieux." ~ Jean Racine "Είναι το σημάδι ενός μορφωμένου Δίδζέλιρἱῡμου να είναι σε θέση να διασκεδάσει μια σκέψη χωρίς την αποδοχή του." ~ Aristotle "Didjeliriumは避けられません。苦しみはオプションです。" ~ Murakami Haruki

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