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Label & Events Contact: We are here to share energetic and soulful sounds through regular releases and banging parties, focusing on spreading the word and the bass of emerging artists from the midtempo glitch and bass music scene, so stay tuned, because this sonic adventure has just started!!! Digital Whomp catalog: DW001: Whompadelic Trip DW002: Filip Rasch - Flavoursome Sound Voyage DW003: Groove Mind - Kill Your Ego DW004: ROB-O-TEK - The Good Part + Remixes DW005: ARTFX - The Funky Space Cadet DW006: Tack - The Ankle Breaker DW007: Dr Spider - Break Build DW008: 4bstr4ck3r - Glitch Me DW009: DANDI - Racine / Tuber DW010: Whompadelic Trip II DW011: Wonky Llama - Noms DW012: Modern Noise Machine - Oil Bass DW013: Filip Rasch - Flavoursome Sound Voyage - Remixes DW014: ROB-O-TEK - Rob-o-dub DW015: Madafaka - Ghetto Game + ARTFX Remix DW016: Smigonaut - Fractus DW017: Tack - The Ankle Breaker - Remixes DW018: Kero Trip - Slip Up DW019: Mr. Ours & Boom Boom Distortion - Drop The Beat DW020: DirtyFly - Pass Me The Wobbly DW021: Gaddy - Sleeping With An Ashtray DW022: Modern Noise Machine - Machine In The Jungle DW023: Qwince - Vapor DW024: Whompadelic Trip III DW025: Tack - Groovalicious DW026: Mr. Ours & 4bstr4ck3r - Desert Spirit + Remixes DW027: Boifrenz - Jimi Red Shoes + Remixes DW028: Satori - Elevated DW029: Mauvaise Pioche - Funky Growl DW030: Floating Anarchy - Intense Funk DW031: Mongoose - We Fit + Remixes DW032: Mr. Ours - Dawn DW033: One Hand Clap - Glitch Woman / Wayward DW034: ZUU Music - Ain't No Sunshine + Remixes DW035: Sippor - Triumvirate DW036: 4bstr4ck3r & Friends - 1+1=3 DW037: Speaker Louis - Glitchboyz

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