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welcome to DELIRIOUS MUSIC, DJ EL TOPO's web radio channel! come and listen to some of the most exclusive international grooves from the 70s ever pressed on vinyl !!! painfully selected and play tested funky sounds that work as background music as well as on the dancefloor !!! lost, forgotten 'b-music' recordings, undiscovered breakbeats from the pop & rock underground, lots of them soooooo rare and hardly available anywhere else !!! tons of obscure international funk burners, non-commercial library grooves, 45 b-sides and all kind of exploitation soundtracks. a big emphasis is laid on the psychedelic funk / jazz groove sound of production music records & soundtracks out of Europe and Japan, my favourite collecting passion ... as you will hear all my vinyls are recorded in highest digital sound quality, remastered with much time & all my love for your full stereo enjoyment !!! it's a lot of of unknown quality 70s music to discover here, there's something for everyone and my hope is u regularily come back for more to find new stuff for your ears !!! this is just a part of my record/digital collection. if u like my 'delirious' definition of FUNK music tell your friends about this channel, check out my homepage for rare record covers, subscribe on YouTube and Facebook or simply book EL TOPO and his audio visual performance for your special club event ... 'the only good music is the music i like' Friedrich Nietzsche, The Case Of Wagner peace to all, DJ EL TOPO i got my p.h.d. in f.u.n.k.-ology !!! :)

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