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Dj Klicky aka Cesar L Silva was born on 23 July 1980 in Lisbon-Portugal . He started djiging younger at the age of 15 years old in private partys at the moment called *rave partys*(1995/1997) in Portugal. As a nightlife lover, he was always going to clubs and big events who helped him to raise on him a big interest in Dj’s world. This helped him to develop some skills and knowledge to his future works and kept him dreaming that one day he could become a professional .He had played in several partys in Portugal and Spain(1995/2000) and at the year (2000) he decides to change Lisbon to Paris in France to start a new carrer as a Dj/Producer!!The love for the music were always on him that he started to make his own Productions and Remixing some tracks of big DJs/Producers like... American Dj/Ettica/Migue Boy/Celine Chemineau/Denny the Punk/Charlie Spot/Jimmy Villa..etc..) He is one of the Producers responsible for the so-called “Portuguese Sound” in Paris!! His sets are very characteristic; they can go from Tech House to the harder edge of Dark Tribal House and Techno full of intensive grooves,beats and melodies!!He is also the label manager toguether with Celine Chemineau at the Pro-Ject Records (France) ( LABELS ) (FR) (PT) (HUN) (NL) (PT) (BR) (USA) (NL) (PT) For Booking and Remixes contact:

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