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Hi there.. I'm a music lover, performer / Dj and I'm and producing the sounds I play myself (or with others). I think of myself as pretty advanced in mastering. (not to call myself a master or expert.. but pretty good) My career in music started when I was 12 years of age, because I had the luck during my mid-school, that I learned to manage and control the sound of all kinds of different stages. Talent-scout-evenings where I had to make shure all the bands where amplified right. There where also dramatizations, movie evenings, dancing evenings, stand up comedians, etc. My luck was that in the small town I come from, there was now where else to perform then @ our school, for whatever small or big artist that whas coming to town.. I have really found my foundation there in knowledge about sound / music. Later around age 17 I started Dj' ing the first bit, first trying local radiostations, camp sites.. small locations Then my career really started as Dj around age1 19. I was soon playing the biggest clubs and commercial radio stations in the Netherlands and Belgium under the name "Dj DeeDee" back then. This was made possible because of my luck back there as well, because I met the right person(s) that got me going to the big clubs and helped me get introduced and started there. Because I didn't want to, but also could not keep up with the 'commercial' line of Dj's, meaning that you can find your spot between them perhapse, but it takes lots of time and own investments before it starts paying back.. and also that you HAVE 2 change with what "the commercial" main stream wants in relation to the way you look, act... this is not me, I realized.. Also until then , I was ' selling the art of others,' the way it was feeling to me, because I was playing other peoples music. @ this point I started to think about making my own sound / music, so that I would not have to (but still can of course) play other peoples music. My stream of luck kept on going since then I met a friend called Dataloop, who you can find on Soundcloud as well. I'll post a link towards him with the tracks we've worked on together. Over the years I now produced around 130 songs, in genres from the slowest, most spaced out ambient.. up towards fast techno, trance and drum 'n bass music, which stretches the hearing in oposite direction of relaxation. And there is a lot in between.. I try to put as many different styles and streams into my music. Lately I followed some trainings on mastering and after trying my new gathered skills I decided my sound is now ready to share with the world. I started mastering them one-by-one and a lot of them will apear over here I guess... In the near future I plan to start performing again more, so maybe some day you can hear my tunes live! Last thing for now to tell about my music.. Most of my tracks are 'designed' or written with the "theme" in mind, around the name which is chosen.. as they are paintings telling a story about one topic. There for most track also have vocals written out allready, or at least an idea of text that could go with the music, but it would be nice to get to know more singers.. and also I must find the time to work more with a friend of mine, called Virgin Monkey, who you will meet a lot of time already in my songs. I'll post his link with the tracks he worked on with me.. Okay.. so enjoy listening I hope!

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