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Deep Artist Management Owner & Manager Deep Artist Management Artist Roster - @enyaangel Personal releases with Sony Music, Nextgen & AIA Supported By: - Shaun Frank - Only Shaun Frank.. he liked and commented on one of my tracks so I have to put that here in case you all weren't aware that Shaun Frank liked and commented on one of my tracks - Also, MAKJ has played my track "Klown Porn" on his Revelation Radio Episode: 177 so I will totally count that as support from him even though I think the song sucks - My parents definitely do NOT support me - But I bet your girlfriend does ;) ;) - I'm kidding.. I don't really mean it.. Or do I?!?! - My neighbour has no choice but to listen to my music so I'm just gonna say he supports me also - The knee braces that I had to wear as a child cause I am so skinny and weak.. they used to support me but then my mom got a job - I don't pay my child support so my child doesn't support me and I don't have a child - If you're a girl and you want to show your support.. send nudes to any of my contact info below - My alcohol support group supports me for my alcohol addiction but not my music.. close enough Feel free to add my Facebook - Jared Deptuck DON'T ASK ME TO REPOST YOUR TRACK! For All Bookings & Inquiries: If you have any vocal inquires about working with any of my artists, please contact me on my personal email - For mixing and mastering services please contact Cam: [He masters all my music] Follow my social media and use the Hashtag #Deepdink for a follow back! "Think with your Dink"

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