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Luca Pink starts his career as DJ at the early age of 13. Thanks to his skills behind the console and taste in his tracks selection he quickly raises attention in the progressive - house scene. Over the years he plays in countless clubs as well as takes part to international competitions such as DMC (reaching semifinal) and DJ-TRIP (1st place). It does not take long for Luca Pink to decide to start crafting his own music, which he does as "Lukas" in 2004. His first "Jumpstyle - Hardstyle" tracks do not go unnoticed and lead to important collaborations with top Italian deejays. He gets radios, clubs and labels support from day one and this allows him to perform in the best hard style club venues throughout Europe. Fascinated by the new emerging styles, he embraces the EDM sound in 2012 gaining good supports from international deejays. Some of his finest works reaching top 100 on Beatport and ITunes include Bull, Splash, Phenea, Troy and Sweet Noise. Troy in particular gains direct support from Ministry of sound after an interview with American magazine Magnetic Mag. Luca Pink is currently working on upcoming releases, and explosive news are waiting ahead!

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