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Dustin is a composer, sound designer, audio producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in the Nashville, TN area. He has spent the last ten years working in several avenues of music and audio including film, television, video games, marketing, and music education. Dustin began his professional studies at Western Carolina University, double majoring in Music Education and Commercial/Electronic Music. While at Western, Dustin worked with several student film makers as an on set audio engineer and composer as well as the Pride of the Mountains Marching Band as the Electronics Coordinator maintaining the band’s live sound equipment and running live sound for all performances in the 2010 season. He also worked with several high school bands as an instructor for brass, full band, and an audio electronics supervisor. After his studies at WCU, Dustin attended the University of Southern California’s Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television program in Los Angeles, CA from 2011 to 2012. While at USC Dustin had the chance to study with composers such as Bruce Broughton, Garry Schyman, Jack Smalley, and Christopher Young. Dustin also worked with several student film makers and game makers creating original music and sound effects for films and games such as Nevermind, The High Five Apprentice, Paulie, and The Pier. After USC, Dustin worked with several composers such as Mike Kramer (Lego Ninjago), Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3), Blake Neely (The Mentalist), and Darren Fung (The Great Human Odyssey). As a composer and producer, Dustin has had the opportunity to write and create music of all genres as a team member on over 50 projects. From the Indie Rock score of Jason Nash is Married, the EDM and Dubstep soundtrack of Shove Pro on iOS, the Industrial Horror music of Mr. Lockjaw, and the World/Celtic and Orchestral Film Score sound of Scotch - A Golden Dream, Dustin always looks forward to the challenge of learning the sound and language of new musical genres while blending his own musical voice into his scoring work. Dustin’s music can be heard through clients such as Comedy Central, SyFy, United Launch Alliance, CBS, and Hulu. Outside of the world of media music and audio, Dustin enjoys all opportunities to teach and work with students of all ages. Dustin has worked with award winning band programs as an electronics coordinator, sound designer, and live sound engineer for programs such as Andrews High School (Andrews, NC), Cleveland High School Performance Ensembles (Clayton, NC), and the Ola High School Marching Band (Ola, GA). Dustin’s work can range from the set up and running of live sound for WGI and AIA winds competitions to creating original productions for winter guards. Dustin returned to Western Carolina University in the summer of 2017 to lead their recently created Summer Symposium Rock and Record Track for high school and middle school students. The students worked for three days in WCU’s pristine CAT studio learning about audio engineering, music composition, and mixing techniques. The students concluded the camp by performing and engineering an original piece of music that was presented on the final day as a music video shot and produced by the camp’s media team. Dustin is currently pursuing his MFA in Recording Arts and Technologies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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