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Our facebook URL Album Nights available now, free, on Bandcamp Videos on Youtube Donatella Basilico: keyboards, drums (acoustic set, electro-acoustic Roland TD9 set ), percussions, lead vocals Piero Caniparo: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, guitar synth Roland GR 55, choirs The most part of our "structural" first tracks are played and recorded live together, usually drums and guitar or drums and bass; drums parts are from a real drum set Original drawing by D.B., not for reproduction We' re deeply lovers of music, of many different genres: from classical and opera to rock, progressive rock, psychedelic, jazz, fusion, tango, dreampop, ambient, experimental and beyond... We' re trying at the moment to find our identity and expressivity in our favourite musical world: progressive rock. Comments, exchange of opinions, observations, advice are always welcome. We're also on You Tube if you feel like to pass by... Thank you for attention and feedback, I like to answer everyone, if sometimes I'm a little slow is because I lke to listen to your work while I answer. I really like reposting the tracks I liked on our personal profile but obviously I can't keep them more than a few days. Donatella We reccomend visiting Jul's Progcast Blog, a truly interesting and well done blog about indie prog rock but not only. You can find such a great music, it's really well worth a visit.

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