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Music for video makers, DJ's, Producers and Listeners. Royalty free music free for commercial use. Made availlable by the Global Sound Promotion. All music is licensed under a Creative Common license. We aim to promote high quality tracks made by relatively unknown artists, released under the Creative Commons license. Songs that pass our selection are promoted on one of our playlists. We encourage artists to contribute to our open source network by sending us their original tracks or remixes of our existent content. If you wish to use our content please do so under a Creative Commons license. We endeavor to avoid possible copyright infringements at all costs. If, despite our efforts, the artist believes his rights are violated or if the artist raises objections towards his material being used on our channel for promotional purposes, we beseech him/her to contact us. We respect any request and act accordingly once the identity of the objector has been confirmed to be the actual creator. It is never our intention to differ from the Youtube community guidelines in any way.

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