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Playfully reshaping sounds and constantly fiddleing with samples the duo that is GruuvElement's have created a sound that is recognized by party people on major dance floors all around the world. The two have made a statement with the power of simple basslines and a unique skill of streaming splendid vibes through their releases. Release : Natural Rhythm , Groove On , Stereo Production , K9 Records , Go Deeva Records , Pild Records , Basswalk Records ,Shinshy Records, WTF! Music , Elegant Bit , Reload , Quanticman ,Waldliebe Familien , Prospect Records , Tulipe Records, Bedroom Muzik , Groove A Lot Records , Orunmila , Ritmikal Records , Rare Music Support : Carl Cox play Elio Riso NiLO R GruuvElement's Space IBIZA Week 6 min 80 Carl Cox play ELio Riso NiLO R GruuvElement's Week 5 Space IBIZA min 36 Carl Cox play Elio Riso NiLO R GruuvElement's Ultra Europe 2016 min 35 Richie Hawtin play GruuvElement's - Hello Berlin My Favorite Robot b2 Timo Maas play GruuvElement's , Alex Marcu - Airolo min 87 Derrick May play GruuvElement's - Doina (Quanticman) min 30 Ray Okpara b2 Markus Homm play GruuvElement's - Holding On ( Groove On Records ) min 159 Paco Osuna play GruuvElement's - Joy Ride (Groove On Records) min 37 Marco Carola play GruuvElement's - Touch Me (Keno Trax) @Cafe del Mar Ibiza Live Mix : UK Booking Contact ID/PROMOS: Skype : mihaita1188

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