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Techno, House, Ambient, Experimental & stuff. Ishan Gaur a.k.a I7HVN is Music Producer/DJ based out of Bangalore, India. He started his musical journey in the year 2012 when he on a rusty computer started toying around with the sounds on his DAW. He's very much inspired by Dramatic & thriller movie’s soundtracks. As a result, his sounds can be described as an entwinement of Emotional melodies & lush Atmospheric waves. He covers a wide variety of genres from Techno, House & Ambient music. Three words which best describe his style of music are Progressive, Emotive & Timeless. He has already shared Stage with various artist such as David Granha, Arude, Coeus, Alex Justino, DJ Lion, SHFT, Ash Roy, Daniella, Ana Lilia & many more.

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