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When I sit down to work on a new composition I can honestly say I have no preconceived idea as to what sound I am going to create or what style is going to take form. I do not write music as much as I feel it. Slipping from the confines of our human perceptions, the music of Imaginations Creations flows from a place where the hours of our world pass by in minutes. It is as if my awareness is pushed aside to make room for whomever, or whatever, is truly conducting the orchestra that resides in my mind. It is truly a surreal moment for me when I listen to a newly completed song all the way through. It is only then I am hearing what has taken form for the very first time. I am not to be credited with the creation of the sounds you have heard here, I am simply the portal through which something far greater than I passes through. I truly believe music is the language of the Universe and we all know of its power to warm the coldest of hearts and to pacify the most primal of rages.

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