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Milan approaches the techno world with a movement that has supported electronic music through various events for years. Intellighenzia electronica, is an independent label, generated from this movement. Our goal is to bring together the best Italian and International producers of electronic music. Already in collaboration with some of the most important remixers in the techno scene, intellighenzia electronica aims to offer innovative and experimental electronic music. The label is divided into three series where each one is dedicated to a specific sound. •The RED SERIES is geared towards dancefloor music from techno to groovy and uplifting house music. •The GREEN SERIES is dedicate to a more introspective and old school sound like detroit techno, dub techno, deep house, and some kind of electro. •The XP SERIES, the freest of the series, is dedicated to all the other sides of electronic sound, from ambient to noise and drone.

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