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Hello and welcome everybody ! Should i say i'm in Electronic, Industrial and Dark things ?... Unconventional sounds for unconventional people. Founding former member of Rauwolfia, Sicaire, R_AU, Le Son de Convergence. Collaborations with Muckrackers, Death to Pigs, Shemales from Yemen... The tracks are all demos (except "Verrou"). For non french speakers, INTERDIT means : - FORBIDDEN - VERBOTEN - VERBODEN - FORBUDT - FÖRBJUDET - KIELLETTY - PROIBITO - PROHIBIDO - ZABRANJEN - INTERZISE - KEELATUD - GWAHARDDEDIG (thanks to Gwen) - TOIRMISGTE (thanks to Gwen, again) - ЗАПРЕТ (thanks to the Beryllium Project team) - etc... (according to a famous translating tool on the web. Sorry for you people who don't belong to these language aeras but i went too lazy in the end) Open to collaboration. And i enjoy what i hear on Soundcloud, you guys rock ! Please, check the INTERDIT's repost page, full of excellent things to listen to ;-) (link below) And the collaboration page :)

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