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ISMAIL.M born in 1990, Cairo, Egypt got interested in mixing Electronic dance music at 2008 inspired by Djs like Andrea Bertolini, Phunk Investigation, Marcello Randazzo, John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto, Paul Ursin, Ismael Rivas, Swen Webber and many others. By 2010 , Ismail got introduced to the world of the underground music and played with many international Djs such as Lu4o, Alessandro, Andrez, KrischaN, and many others only a couple of years later. By the end of 2013 , Ismail has become a globally well recognized name and has made guest mixes for lots of radio shows on international channels such as Vibes Radio Station and Frisky Radio. Ismail now hosts his own radioshow " The Peak Hour Radioshow " on Vibes Radio Station (Bulgaria) one of the most powerful music sources in Eastern Europe and Worldwide. After mastering all mixing skills and abilities, the talent and hard work goes on as Ismail puts in as much effort in producing his own tracks. Music Genres: Progressive/ Melodic Techno/ Deep/ Tech House

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