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JKD / JocKeyD is no newcomer when it comes to Drum&Bass . At a young age in the 80s and 90s he got into Breakdancing : Electro and HipHop from artists such as NYC Breakers, Ice-T, Dj Chris 'the Glove' Taylor, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, NWA. And later on DMX, Wu Tang, newer West Coast HipHop . It was the beats, sounds, and Dj's mixing and scratching which interested him mostly. In the early 90's Dino was intrigued by House then Hardcore which was really blowing up at the time and was all the rage. In 1992/3, a vital turning point for the music, that was it.. Hearing tracks by artists such as Nebula II, Peshay, Hyper on Experience, Goldie on the Metalheads EP Doc- Scott and Manix on Reinforced, too many names to mention which contained dark, melodic and experimental sounds, vocals, breaks, beats and bass. Dino realised the potential in this groundbreaking format as it has no rules when it came to mixing on the decks, broke the boundaries of music production and it was growing, getting faster with more beats. The one track which totally blew his mind and converted him forever would be 'Lord of the Null Lines' Foul Play Remix which he bought on a 10" plate with a captivating logo on Moving Shadow record's which he mixed on his brother's turntables. He was a record shop fanatic and frequently visited Lucky Spin, Music Power, Blackmarket records and Pure Groove, in a bid to listen to, get hold of the latest tunes, test presses and promos. DNB plays a big part in his life, there was no turning back after going to the first event, Desert Storm at the Roller Express.. Seeing the Top Djs battle it out with their Dub Plates and mixing skills, as well as the MC's complimenting the music . Being heavily into Drum&Bass / Jungle ever since, he's watched the music and scene grow to the phenomenal level that it is today - Worldwide . Went out to more events over the years such Jungle Fever, Orange at the Astoria, AWOL, Swerve, Metalheadz at hundreds of venues, played at his first house party in 1994 and bars/clubs in London over the last 20+ years, He is not a big Dj but an arranger of music who can express himself. He has often been praised for his selection and mixes even early on in his career. He has constantly for 20+ years kept track of the music by listening to Dj's such as Fabio, Grooverider, Randall, Goldie, Andy C, Hype, Brockie, JJ Frost, Kenny Ken, LTJ Bukem plus many others on radio and at live events, collecting and receiving music legally to support the producers, accumulating an extraordinary playlist, thus turning digital recently to be at the cutting edge of this forward thinking progressive and ever changing music format. You can also listen to more mixes on .

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