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The name KAO DENERO is synonymous with hip hop music in the developing West African country of Sierra Leone. Known for his descriptive lyrical content and advanced rhyme style, he manages to capture the emotions associated with the tribulations of young Africans. His music has been described as a blend of hardcore lyrics, telling tales of the everyday struggle, backed by afro-beats with a taste of true hip-hop. Such is his influence, that he was recently awarded the honor of becoming a Peace Ambassador by the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in a high profile ceremony at the Presidential State House. Hollywood’s Isaiah Washington famously compared him to a modern day African version of the late Notorious B.I.G otherwise known as Biggie Smalls, a legendary African American Hip-Hop icon. Over the years, Kao Denero has maintained the most loyal fan base in Sierra Leone after a series of hits captivating the streets and the club scene alike. As part of his inevitable evolution, he made history by signing an independent record deal with Creative Factory, a US based company His latest release, Da Blood Diamond Kid Story, currently available on iTunes, tells a story of survival and paints a picture of the challenging period of his country’s past, during the conflict involving blood diamonds. One such tale is told on the track ‘From the horse’s mouth’. The album also contains the YouTube smash hit ‘Moonlight Dancing’.It is safe to say that it’s time for Africans all around the world to open their ears and embrace one of the continent’s brightest talents – Kao Denero.

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