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Versatile Music lover and producer. facebook page: All prod here: *All originals mix under creative common license. Thank you for contacting me if you want to remix or for an intervention on a track* No matter the color, origin ... the dream is universal ... I like discovering new talents and I like making them discover to my followers. Music is a shout, an emotion... You decide to follow me, if I can, I'll listen to what you do ... I like? So I follow you ... But, please, do not let me go after a while ... That's what a lot of people do and it annoys me! If you feel like it, you can name your price to support! ;) Download all the tracks appearing on Bandcamp is really free. I do not use your email address to solicit you. I just want to be heard as much as possible. Thank you for all the feedback and sharing! I had a bar from 2004 to 2010 which I had baptized "STRATO Café" in the north of France and i received amateur musicians.(A lot of passion and many good moments!)... Photo: Collaborations: Irina: Paploviante: jh0st: Houman: NayJ. SinTaMental JayWalkerBlack & Ingela WEIGHTY TREE KNOWKONTROL on"Ooooh Lady" Peace! KidOfEarth ;)

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