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Brand New duo consisting of the Dubstep tendencies of and love for House music. Providing daily mixes of the hottest house and dub tracks. All of which will be on our mixcloud page If you would like any of your tracks included in our mixes message us or email Gavin 17 (Soon to be 18) started producing in the spring of 2012 and has never looked back since. He impressed his wide growing audience under the name "Polterg3ist" with tracks such as "I Will Kill You" but then with a change of name to "Abstract" things begun to change. As his skills improved so did his followers, after joining this helped him get his music out there with his first official realease " We Choose The Moon" going out for sale on Bandcamp. Since then favourite edits of "We Choose The Moon" most significantly ""We Choose The Moon Vip Remix" inspired Jamie to take up producing. Jamie 18 with a passion for house music with various attempts to join up with Gavin but failing due to academic reasons begun with djing and releasing monthly mixes on his soundcloud page. In the spring of 2013 the pair came together and formed what we now know as "Kodix Unknown". Kodix has now expanded and developed a partnership with KarmaKatStudios check it out

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