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I'm a Lion and I love making shit you've never heard before. Bookings & Contact: Tribe EP [Self-released] Ra Ki Tri EP [Self-released] Flex EP [Odio Records] Synergy EP [Self-released] Techa EP w/ Fill Spectre [Soutside Dubstar] The Architect EP [ Forest Biz] Splxtsecond Single [Odio Records] Proficient Intuition EP [Self released] Retro Funk Single [Odio Records] Mermaids EP [MWM-Recordings] Rah EP [Blacklight Audio] Solitary EP [Self released] Le Lion & D-Operation Drop - Breaking Pattern EP [] Le Lion & Friends EP [The Pack Recordings] Prophecy EP [Blacklight Audio] Taiko & Le Lion - Flummox EP [Subaltern Records] Evaluation EP [Styx Recordings] Apex Predator EP [Bassclash Records] Trinity EP [Subquake Audio] Ashem Vohu EP [The Pack Recordings] Ptah EP [Old Ghost Records] JAH EP [Escence Audio] KEEP IT SPIRITUAL

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