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I took the name ZODALITT after the crystal stone Sodalite. I love the beautiful blue colour I listen to all kinds of music and I like to make music with an aspect of several genres. I play piano and I started to compose a few years ago after long-term illnes and I`m self-taught by improvising. I like to be in a process where I'm constantly trying out new things. Influenced by : Mozart, Chopin, Tsjajkovskij, Nigel Kennedy, classical music, music from the 80s, especially Queen and Freddy Mercury, and a lot of music in different genres....old and new ! I also have a project with the lyricist Ed Millican aka Ed Phoenix( We write songs that are all inspired by Greek Mythology. You can have a listen here if you want : - Tears Of The Goddess My collaboration with Marty Andersson : -

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