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I love the opportunity songwriting offers to breathe life into a poetic lyric. For me songwriting is a bit like making short film scripts for listeners to screen in their mind. I started to learn guitar in 2010 and started writing songs in 2012. This is my journey..... Thanks for dropping by.......I'm liking the idea of experimenting with music. With such a rich tapestry of options to explore I'm enjoying the process. I Started playing acoustic guitar in Oct 2010. After listening to, (and really loving the story telling nature of) some Antony John Clarke albums, I decided to have a go at writing a song for myself. I took my draft to a local song-writing course and from then on picked up the writing bug in earnest, after spending four days there (Igloo Music UK) back in May 2012. I had used Antony Johns writing as a guide but didn't know anything about 'rules' of structure.. (or indeed anything) I came away with stacks of valuable writing tools and inspiration....The portion of a song that I arrived with eventually became called 'Just Us Two'. Have not looked back since and still thoroughly enjoying the process. The original 'Home Grown' collection was subsequently written and produced between May & Oct 2012 and the album is dedicated to my lovely wife MAC (2012) Acknowledgements Thanks to Antony John Clarke and his lyrics for giving me an inspirational push. My thanks to Amy, who, apart from patiently teaching me to play acoustic guitar for the past couple of years or so, has encouraged my song writing whilst helping me to turn some of the melodies I've had in my head into chords. My thanks also to Dielle & the Igloo team (‘Igloo Music UK’ ) who've taught me about some of the many nuances of the song writing & performance craft that I've endeavored to incorporate into my music. Without the song writing course I attended in May 2012 this album would not have been made. Still much to learn, but I’m happy to have my first album as a starting point. (I will revisit them and rerecord them at some point ,as I'm constantly learning new recording, mixing and production as well as structural techniques MAC All of the music is recorded and mixed using a basic home studio set up, using cakewalk's Sonar X2 Producer.

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