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Nael Mark began his career as a game, fascinated by the world of clubs since hy was a boy, step by step his fame grew up as his experience so he begin to produce his first tracks. Mark is a dj that allways pay attention in new music trends and he’s in continuous contact with the global market, for this reason his live dj sets ranging from deep house to electro that make him a complete dj producer.His strength lies in the desire to improve and becoming allways better, and that’s why Mark is always in constant search of the right mix of personality and sense of rhythm, and this makes his productions and his dj sets never dull but always characterized by the part of the uniqueness that makes Mark Nael immediately identifiable and valuable over time.His first release was the remix of the Clubplayers hit Polyphonic with his friend Feelhype, and was supported by the most important italian dance radio M2O

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