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Here's an update about the music we are looking for. History learns people have always seen us as ambassadors of quality electronic music regardless the genres we touch. Over the years music has evolved, so did our musical taste, a combination which is pushing us to think more forward. In order to focus on what we really want to do and giving artists what they deserve, it's become necessary to discontinue some of our labels. Most of these labels are part of that trance scene which we helped develop in the early 90's. The trance scene of today does not fit our vision, so we will fully focus our 3 remaining trance labels (Subtraxx, Camouflage & Nemesis) on quality progressive trance. You will wonder now what we really want to focus on, well deep progressive, mini tech, tech house and real progressive house as we have been doing in our own way over the past year on Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks, ... We invite you all on this new and exciting journey… So now you know what kind of music we are looking for! Send it here or contact or greetz, Bonzai Progressive

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