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I do engage with everyone who want to hear from me , there's insta link in (more info) u can ping me anytime i am open 24/7. I am open to all the features ..Dm me Which leaves to who am i ? Hey guys i am Marwin Chelte from india 21 years old (turned this may) working my ass off to be a successful rapper/singer ( basically i am rapper .. sometimes a singer 😅 ) and yeah its hard here .Aint nobody give a fuck about rappers , but these days the hip-hop revolution has started and glad to be part of it . My tracks none of them are wack .. I write , produce , record , mix & master, artwork, everything here is my product . You guys can find my music on every music platform . listen and stream my music . I know i am worth of your time . DM your suggestion , comments , ideas , anything i'll be glad to know your thoughts on my music and i appreciate every person who stream my music .. THANK YOU

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