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"..we are all one vibration, in time, time after time." :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: :|: UK based artist, feel free to contact me for bookings, collaborations and info via links or Susmabeats Artist Management via /\ /\ /\ /\ For all updates join the Mettakin Facebook page. ------- Labels/Crews/Affiliations/Releases----- Outtallectuals Visionary Shamanics Records Street Ritual Psychedelic Jelly AstroPilot Music Auditory Relax Station Radio Q37 SusmaBeats Synchronos Recordings Black Tuna Recordings Earth City Recordz Bass Star Records HorsePower Productions Bio: MettāKin is the music and sound design project of James Sharrock, an electronic music composer, producer and DJ originating from London, UK. He has been creating music for over a decade, working in a multitude of styles and genres. Known for his experimental and unique style, immersive and rich atmospheres, heavy bass lines riding on a mixture of hypnotic grooves, MettāKin combines bass and psychedelic music styles with sounds and influences from around the earth. -------------

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