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Label owner of: __________ 2019 Gigs: __________ -Feb. 7th CRRNT (DTLA) -Feb. 21st Techno Church (DTLA) -March 23rd Stealth (DTLA) -March 30th Xibalba Music Fest (Mojave Desert) -April 19 CRNNT (Biergarden Los Angeles) -April 26 TechnoMetrik (DTLA) -May 3rd Stealth (DTLA) -June 7th Stealth 8 Year Ann. (DTLA) -June 15th TechnoMetrik (DTLA) -June 19th Lock n Key (Ktown LA) -July 13th Fam Jam Gathering (Mojave Desert) -July 17th Mercury Wednesdays (DTLA) -August 9th CRRNT (DTLA) -September 13th TechnoMetrik (DTLA) Releases with: - - - - Bookings:

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