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Nehuén Schedan centres his performances on Tech-House and draws upon the intensity of the techno to generate fleeting, soul-searching sensations. His sets are energetic and unpredictable with suprising changes of groove that always maintain an assured sense of musical harmony. In Buenos Aires (ARG) he's passed through the booths of Club 69, Bahrein, Niceto Club, INK, Blow, La Capilla, The Shamrock, Morocco, Canata, Buda, Requiem, Club Matienzo; Also he played in Underbeat (Jujuy), Bamboo (Salta), Baristene (Salta), Nómades (San Pedro), Summer House (Rosario), Jacc (Neuquén). He often performs in the famous, semi-mythical bar OMM Buenos Aires, where he invites his DJ friends to play extended sets of at least 6 hours. He also played at the Fábrica de Arte Cubano, in Havana, after being invited by the producer, Ivan Lejardi. In his short but intense career he's shared the deck with amazing artists like André Butano, Mariano Trocca, Big Fabio, Luis Nieva, Ariel Rodz, Rafa Sorol, Femmes on Decks, JP Sgalia, Santiago Fos, Akane, Lefrak, Camila Isabel, May Mclaren, Juan Acosta, Paca Neyrotte, Deep Within, Mati Reep, Augusto Gagliardi, Camila Isabel, Fran Morelli, Tomy Brignolo, Signo, Leandro Nimo, Martín Rizzola. He is experimenting with musical production at the Club Cultural Matienzo, where, together with Alejandro Salvo, he forms “Pulpa”, an act that puts on live shows using vocals, strings, and percussion in beats with deep bass and vibrating sounds. In 2017 he finished his studies in Arjaus. Since then he has been continuously releasing his tracks in different record labels such as Zoo Lab, Cood Music, Outsiders Records, Roots Music Level, and Analog Records. Agenda: 8-nov-19 Pump The Jam - Shamrock 23-oct-19- Selina Palermo 12-oct-19- OMM 27-sep-19- El Nido 20-sep-19 - Pump The Jam - Shamrock 14-sep-19- Prov. de Neuquén 22-ago-19- Club 69 Buenos Aires 30-ago-19-Al Rio 9-ago-19- Pump The Jam (Shamrock) 3-ago-19- OMM 26-jul-19- Lust (Rosario) 11-may-19- Missa- Unicorn 30-abr-19- Brandy Costanera 27-abr-19- Club 69 26-abr-19- Pump The Jam - Shamrock 30-mar-19- Niceto Bar 15-mar-19 WASP - Rô 23-feb-19 ALIVE- Niceto Club 16-feb-19 Berlín - AMK Disco 26-ene-19 Pump The Jam - Shamrock 5-ene-19- Shamrock Buenos Aires

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