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"Keep Calm, Party and Dance Too Nightcore" "Thank You Everyone" =) For Your Comments,Likes and Re-posts =) it's Greatly Appreciated ^^ I Will be on Youtube soon! Thank you for all the support in all my accounts you guys are Awesome ^^ Disclaimer.The songs i add or the cover art belong to the respected artist and singers who made them, "I Do Not Own Anything" This is for fun Only. I do NOT own the original tracks, The edits are fan-made and will not be used for profit or illegal sharing. Hello, My names jezabell but you can call me Shaina =) Thanks for Visiting. I hope you enjoy my playlists, and other music i will add later =) This is my Main account you can follow me here =) My other accounts are down below =) . I love music!, Pink Tutus, Pop music and Nightcore ^.^ <3 Started A Second account May,29,2015 Started Third Account July,8,2015 Started Forth Account August,7,2015 Started fifth Account August,27,2015 Group started August,11th,2015 Thank you for Listening. Have A Wonderful Day =) Please Support The Artists By purchasing there originals On Amazon or on ITunes Thank you. =) ...................................................... If there are copy right issues with a song or an image i use. Please Contact me and i will remove it and change it immediately.

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