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NURSA is a drum and bass DJ and producer, who living in Berlin. From 2004-2008 he was infamous for his legendary sets on the "Fire Sessions" radio show on, where he performed as a weekly resident. Apart from that he had guest appearances on Marushas "Rave Satellite" and the "Blackboard Jungle" radio shows on a regular basis. Until the present day he is in high demand as a DJ in the Berlin area as well as across Germany , UK, Spain, Italy and some more countries. His sets are a vibrant mixture of different Drum and Bass styles, predominantly Jump Up, Liquid and Rave. Not to forget that up to 50% of those consist of tracks that NURSA produced himself, which gives his performances a great individuality. After putting out a 12" vinyl single on "Trust in Music" („Smashed Mirror“) in 2007, he is looking forward to unleash his new and progressive productions. The last singles appeared on XeX Audio (“Super Hero / You Swing“) and Katana Audio (“Imaginary Civilization - Jungle VIP“), a brand new Label from Berlin. In the summer of 2014 published the label "Have A Break" his debut album.

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