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Obinna okoli,better known by his stage name Young Def is a Nigerian rapper and music producer from Lagos Nigeria. Origin- Lagos,Nigeria Religion- Christian Genres- Hip hop Occupations- Rapper,producer,song writer. Instruments-Keyboards,sampler,synthesizer Years active-2003-present Associated labels-Phat Wall music Associated acts-double six,ski milli,jethro aka mr jet,dirty mac,nmd,white arrow,benjamin. Young def was born in Lagos Nigeria and hails from anambara state.the name Young Def was inspired by his immediate elder brother "Def K".at a young age the passion of production came as a mistake whilst testing different computer disc(s) and stumbled across a production software named "e-jay" that had all ready made drum kits and can say the game chose Young Def and has consistently shown why he is a force to be reckon with,both as a producer and as an MC. His style of production is based on samples from classical songs and the use of musical production software's,such as FL-studio & Reason,however has produced different types of music from hip hop, pop,r&b,Afro beat,west African high life. Young Def traded in his tuition to set up a recording studio at the age of 19.and at 2005 he opened a standard recording studio.Gone are the days when he started with a Pentium 1 and a tape deck. In 2006 Young Def released his first album "me & this music" which was distributed by Odible music nationwide.the album also top charts on in 2010 Young Def released a mix-tape online titled "The Great Depression".the online community received the mix-tape with open arms.with such tracks like"who's talking""the real ibo boi""fine as hell" proved how versatile and creative he can be.

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