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(I WANNA THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FOLLOWS I Do APPRECIATE THE LOVE BUT I AM AT MY FOLLOW LIMIT AGAIN TY)! I love to sing, r atleast try to, and I love to write when time allows! Influential singers I love are as follows IvySoul Robinson, Leela James, Santanna, Neyo, Malira, Anita Baker, Muddy Waters, Billy Ocean, Santana, Otis Redding, Sam Cook, Tom Jones, Nellie, Clarence Carter, Lyfe Jennings, Smokie R, Diana R, Denise Williams, Peabo Bryson, Usher, Alicia Keys, Whitney Huston, Lauryn Hill, Ceelo Green, Billie Holiday, Mahalia Jackson, Freddie Jackson, Tina Marie, Aaron Nevill, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Doris Day, wow the list as u can see is endless, and it doesnt began to scratch the surface.. This list also includes all u guys I have had the pleasure to enteract with here on SC! I love music tht tells a story, and I want not only to hear the story the artists has to tell, but to as well feel it. Music tells a story, and its power comes thru the delivery of the message! I love all genres of music, and all my lyrics r COPYRIGHTED!!! I Am willing to collab! I will also folllow back all of u that have followed me when SC allows! they said i am at my limit! :) So with that being said, I can also be found on Twitter ( Passion6060), Fb ( Pd Walker), Also MySpace (Passion)( Drop by and let me kno how if u like my Lyrics and if so how much, better yet " just drop by and become a part of my social family! Thank u for taking time time out of your busy day to say hello, hello! Fresno,. N da Houze!! I`m Out

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