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im phill bass raver owen . i have a 2 hour show on & 107.2 fm 4-6 gmt ever friday . i play breaks , 90s happy hardcore , jungle ,dnb and oldskool Originally from Leicester now living in Durham with my wife and 2 dogs. I first got into listening to Old Skool when I was about 13, trading tapes at school. The first tape I got was Top Buzz Fantazia New Years Eve ‘91 and after that I was hooked. I spent the next couple of years collecting tapes from ‘92 raves (Dreamscape, Fantazia etc). I went to my first rave at 14, which was a Total Kaos event in Leicester and continued going to raves for the next 4 years spending most weekends in Die Hard in Leicester where my love of Happy Hardcore developed. At the age of 15 I bought my first pair of decks, belt drives Soundlabs and started buying vinyl. If I heard something I liked in a club then I would do what I could to find out what the track was so I could add it to my collection. I bought mainly happy hardcore and techno with a few drum and bass and jungle thrown in. After nearly 3 years of belt drives I brought a pair of 1210s and was all set to try and take my djing to another level but sadly due to a lack of time, money and my health I had to sell them and total gave it up. However I kept all my vinyl (apart from a few I sold on eBay) hoping one day to be able to restart djing and thankfully 15 years later this has happened. Fast forward to 2011 I bought a cheap pair of decks to try and reignite the spark, within days I was hooked again. I then found and enjoyed chatting with everyone about the old days. This is where I met Puffa, Livvy and alot of the renegade crew. After buying a pair of new direct drives and serato I began posting a few mixes online. Then Puffa and livvy gave me the opportunity to play on Renegade. always Looking for new tracks for my show on . Any promos would be gratefully appreciated, thanks Bassraver :-)

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