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Andrés Felipe Romero was born in Santa Fe de Bogota DC, Colombia, 18/10/1983. From an early age he expressed a great feeling for music. Grew up with a grandmother (singer) and a grandfather (radio journalist), since his childhood he had an artistic and professional music vision. At 8, he started playing the drum at school In 1995 he moved to Italy, where he had a different approach with the music and with a different culture. In 1998 he joined the Philharmonic Society of Mattie (TO), where he studied music theory, percussions and trombone. In 2002 he began to study vocal technique and modern singing at the Lizzart association in Turin. Graduated at the University of Turin in Linguistic Mediation, speaks English, Spanish (language in which he writes his lyrics, as well as Italian), French (at school level). The first song , and the first track of the demo "Phil So Good" is dated 2002, and it takes the title of "Tu Mugrosa Cara(Your Dirty Face)". The sound of that demo is a mix of Latin sounds fused with pop, british rock, R&B, rap, hip-hop, some Arabic resonance mixed with reggaeton; sounds that represent the two cultures in which Felipe has lived . The result is a musical genre called "Ethno-Pop", which contains all the tastes and colours of the multi-ethnic city that today is the planet. Lyrics and melodies are composed by Felipe and songs mainly have a double version (Italian / Spanish). Demo produced by himself and recorded within three years, the result is 10 experimental songs built in three stages: 2003 (Tu Mugrosa Cara, Grazie a te and Quiero) 2005 (En El Mundo hay Dolor, El Mundo Es Lleno de Estrellas, Talking To The Wind, Ojala), 2006 (Siempre ft. Ire, duet with the jazz singer Irene Rotondale; Ardiendo). In 2007 he took of part at the Midem in Cannes with the stand "Italy in Music", getting in contact with several members of the music industry and giving the friendship with the magazine Latin BOOM!. The track "Tu Mugrosa Cara" took part in a compilation for this magazine, called "Spring Saborealo", distributed at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. In 2008, thanks to the success of "Phil So Good" come in contact with some major producers as Arif Cooper, producer and creator of the Sean Paul’s hits "Watch dem Roll", "Hold my Hand" and "Guardian Angel"(winner of 3 Reggae Awards). He realized the single "Alma Al Cielo", included in the Compilation Entre2tierras for the Latin American Music Conference in the U.S. and it become one of the 100 themes most played in 2009 in Colombia. In 2009 the second work titled "Otra Vuelta" was born, produced by Luca Vicini, aka Vicio bas guitar player of the Italian famous band SUBSONICA. With the participation of Enrico Cacciatori (guitar), Zareb (Jamaican Artist) and DonSha '(American artist) the album contains the tunes "Mani / Manos", "No Chance", "Otra Vuelta (Including a remix featuring Dainamite)", "En serenidad", "Oneway Ticket", and could not miss" Alma Al Cielo ". The result is a mature Ep, the sound is always "Ethno Pop", fresh, but at the same time embraces all age groups. In 2010, he meets the Italian band and producers "Hitfinders", the result of this meeting are "I Need You (Good Reggaeton Remix)" and "Miami", for Pulse Code Records. "Miami" went in the top 10 of the German Dance charts. Felipe continued his career in Jamaica, after his collaboration with Arif, he recorded "Muddy Legs" and "Piernas de Barro" with Jamplified Records, his versions of the "Stonehenge Riddim", the most famous version if from Jah Cure, "Never Say Never". In 2011 he collaborated with the DJ and producer Max Millan, known for his work with Fasano in the worldwide hit " Street Brazil "; producing a TV theme song "Mision Posible" for a Spanish television series "Latimer Justicia"; the song "Quieres Fumar" and collaborating in some of his projects, including "So Many Times". In the summer of 2011 thanks to his roots, collaborated with Gigi de Martino, famous Italian producer from Turin, for the single "Pananas" produced with Roberto Molinaro for Net’s Work Records. After this track born a friendship that leads them to work today on several fronts, the most recent project together with Tore Rizzo and Machy Acotto, is called "Casa do Café". 2013 is the year with more developments and collaborations, out in all the digital stores "Gira la Cabeza (prod. by Gigi d Martino, Attilson & Aldobit)", "L’aria che respiri (prod. by Maker)", "Crash vs. Sika", he wrote the lyrics for" La Araña (prod. by Gigi de Martino and Tore Rizzo) ", released the Ep CASA DO CAFE" Gimme Some More / Mamita " and the summer hit,"Noche Buena" with BOM DIA, a project in collaboration with Alex Giunta (Desaparecidos), Hueber & Hitfinders. Felipe Romero is able to cross from the tighter dance beats to the more rarefied and elegant atmospheres that recall his origins as a storyteller in the world.

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