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Well... What about me? That's a funny question... What do u wanna kno bout me? Lol, Born & raised in Clarksville, Tennesee, I've been thru a lotta sh*t, ya kno? I'm just a young "gamer" (now married & a proud parent of 2) who just wanna have fun. Life's 2 short 4 bullsh*t, now days, so dat's why i just wanna live a good life wit da love of my life & my kids, lol... 2 all my friends dat knows me best, knows dat i play video games... A lot, lol! 2 my crew n Compass Connection & Unit Foxhound dat also knows me as well 2, knows i rap, make beats, & design covers & flyers... 2 everyone else... Well, let's just say, i'ma silly, loudmouf n****a who just being me... NOBODY ELSE!! REAL TALK. Sooooooooo, wit dat being said... I'm on here now, so get @ me if ya wanna chat or want me design a CD cover, or make a beat, aiight? Holla @ cha Boi!! Killa Cam a.k.a. Pimp Balla / Mr. Foxhound / Jason RAGE / Kutty Boi

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