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Bangin' House / NRG Producer/DJ Label Manager for Ramped Up Records From Essex Signed To.. Ramped Up Records Dirt Trax Recordings Pressure Digital Thump Trax Crank Digital Audio Abuse Sonic Boom Devious Premonition Digital Thanks for visiting my page! Here is where i put up all my clips for upcoming releases. DISCOGRAPHY.. Rampager & Yettee - One More (Independent) Rampager - Chicken F*cker (Independent) Sean Grotz & Rampager - Rock Your Mind (Independent) Sean Grotz & Rampager - Incredible (Ramped Up) Rampager - Full Mental Racket (Ramped Up) Rampager - I'm Back (Ramped Up) Sean Grotz & Rampager - Play It Loud (Pressure Digital) Rampager - Put The Bounce On It (Ramped Up) Rampager - Game Over (Thump Trax) Sean Grotz - Muckin About (Rampager Remix) (Ramped Up) Rampager & Gareth Hogan - Reach The Top (Dirt Trax) Daz & Rampager - Movin' (Ramped Up) Rampager - Total Prostitute (Ramped Up) Rampager & Gareth Hogan - Janis Droplin (Ramped Up) Rampager - In Effect (Audio Abuse) Rampager - Company Orders (Crank Digital) Rampager - GurnTable Overload (Ramped Up) Rampager - Bad Ass (Sonic Boom) Rampager - We Are Chosen (Devious) Damaged Gudz & Rampager - You Took My Drugs Away (Sonic Boom) Rampager - Full Mental Racket 2014 (Ramped Up) Rampager - Dangerous Drugs (Premonition Digital) Sean Grotz & Rampager - Rock Your Mind 2014 (Ramped Up) Psydef - Let's Party (Rampager Remix) (Sonic Boom) Ramped Up Collective - Universal Nation (Ramped Up) Mixography Ramcore Hardcore (2010) The Live Vinyl Mini-Mix (2010) Club Caviar Tribute Set (2011) Filth Files Vol. 3 (2012) Kangeroos On Heroin (2012) Devious Promo Mix (2013) Rampager Production Mix Vol.1 (2013) XTC Radio Invasion Show (2014) Madfam Sunday Sessions Show (2014) The 936 Classics Show (2014) Filth Files Vol. 11 (2014)

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