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I had to lock most of my tracks. **Contact Adam to have music written/created or to begin a project/collaboration. Thank you.** All Tracks and Words Written, Performed, Recorded, and Produced by Adam J Lahm unless otherwise stated. Musician, Composer, Instrumentalist, Vocalist, Performer, Producer, Arranger/Orchestrator, Teacher Seattle, WA, U.S.A. Composing for chamber groups/soloists, film, dance, theatre; manipulating audio tape field recordings, performing/recording saxophone, voice, electric bass and guitar, and other instruments; playwriting, performance and installation art, photography, linguistics/prose writing and speech performance, acting, power vinyasa yoga, running, bikes, hiking, metaphysics, math, nature, sciences, cacti, travel Composition: M.Mus. Cardiff University B.M. Youngstown State University Lahmadaj Adam La

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