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We all know this deep deep inside...we are beginning to drop the separation and feel what it is like to be united together as one true culture force of being alive and in love. :-) Touch the ground smell the air and dance with the Mother, plant seeds with your children and watch each other grow to new heights! We are engaged with the creative process and look how deliciously perfect our food is when we dance around and kiss each little thing...the sounds of the insects, animals and elements...this is the living libraries of true love. Come on out little one… Its ok…I am conscious now…and love you oh so very much… I know it hurts to be a kid again… But this confliction is because you are so mind-blowingly beautiful… And every particle …every unconscious particle yearns to be your dance… it feverously wants to be you… come on out! And show this thing…how to be love. And both of us will be consumed in the fire of the children’s feet.. Running together through the fields of innocents… Pure free joying all creation brushing up against our tiny toes… lock-step-love-we-are-two-feet....finding our rhythe.....hummmmmm man...BEing amazing! dreams...wide awake! In sleep...I see you writing me in...your book of the middle of your chest...and I know you see me writing along side of your own exciting chapters ...of endless...ness...Write yourself in! Please write me in...your book, my book...lets write each other in...and praise this place...together...we move mountains....We built this current system in this world lets take it by the horns and drive this life together my family human beings...not one soul left behind as we create localized clean healthy organic cultured art in every department of our shared living space. Lets dance together with this planet Mother and show the Universe that we are Awake! in Unison and in control and not some computer algorithm doing the bidding! Look! the doors to Heaven are opening to all people...we are the thing that you can never shut... the floodgates of love are pouring in...WE R THE HUMAN PAN~DORA!!! (((INFINITE BEINGS)))WAVES^^^^^^^^^^^^OF THE INFINITE...SEA how happy we are to finally meet the s(U)n!***true (((LOVE))) : This soul is alive with the idea that we build what we see in ourselves, in others, in all...always, all the time... Together I use all minds to fabricate a new world of beauty. I am interlacing your heart with mine...its the silk from your majesties robe that I rejoice in the offering of your own yourself through me and I through to you that we may never look back at why we were ever stuck, but warming up and rejoicing in the delight of movement beyond this classroom... to see the celestial objects flying all around us in us. To see the uniqueness in you is to see the uniqueness in me... to behold a different color design of magnificence! ...and to see the union, the master and the student together always, the sun, the father, everywhere! the structure, the union, the brightest star that is in love with the Mother, the blank canvas...the infinite womb to write upon. We write love songs to lovers and understand that those who are walled up now will tear down their walls as they feel the great need for true love.

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